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Originally Posted by PurpleMomster View Post
Hi all!

I am currently phasing off (in P3 at the moment) for a trip to Mexico and have started to incorporate some alternatives - added a Pure Protein bar for my snack (thanks to Susie for the recommendation!). When I start back on P1, I'd like to incorporate some more.

My question is - while I enjoy the shakes and drinks, I do like to eat something for breakfast occasionally, not just have a shake. What are some other alternative ideas for breakfasts?

I'm going to finish reading through the threads but if there are some ideas you could share, that would be great. Thanks!

Lisa gave you some great suggestions-other ideas include having an egg white omlet, making a waffle out of the puddings, oatmeal, search the recipes for what you feel like having. I even saw cookies made out of quest bars-the genius of posters is amazing! You can always have your protein for breakfast-steak and eggs and have the packets the rest of the day. You can make the plan work for you within the protocol

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