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Originally Posted by Vivig View Post
I will be starting on Monday and am very apprehensive that I can make this work. We usually go out for lunch at work and we also like to go out at home. (You can see where my problem originates from.) I am motivated though!

The clinic where I purchased my items does not necessarily provide the support that I feel I may require but I know I can find my answers here on this board.
You can still eat out. Just have an IP product with a salad at lunch, with your own dressing.
Meat, veggies, salad work well for dinner as well.
What I'm more concerned about is a non-supportive clinic. What are you paying them for?

Originally Posted by SlimmerBySummer View Post
About me: I'm 5'3, wear a size 6, (wait for it) weigh 145-150 (wait for it), and apparently have a BMI of 36.6! Who saw that coming?! If it weren't so sad, I'd be laughing.

The BMI chart on WebMD (height/weight/age/activity level) indicate I'm overweight at 26.6. I can see that. My doctor's electronic measurement showed 36.6 today. I'm just not sure what to believe. Crazy! Anybody else see differences like that?
The bioimpedence scales are notoriously inaccurate. That isn't just inaccurate, it is wrong.
Are you sure they didn't mix up BMI with some other calculation (body fat percentage or something?)
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