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Originally Posted by zoerba View Post
B: Protidiet pancake and wf syrup
L: greenbeans w/ bacon bits and a bar
D: steak and mushrooms

I didn't have a very good day. I tried to stay on for the most part but also let myself cave in to temptation. I had a few things I shouldn't have that I won't mention because I don't want to trigger any cravings for anyone. I lost 9 pounds this first week and am so incredibly happy with that. I think I've just been unsatisfied with the food and craving some flavor. Still though, I know that I've now screwed myself for the next several days. Hopefully I can get right back on track and still have a loss next week.

Zoerba, I know how you feel! I started IP the day after Christmas but I went off plan New Year's Eve and on my birthday (jan 8th). I'm not beating myself up about it though because negativity is a motivation killer. Even if you eat a few things one day that are not IP, you're still on track and eating better than you were before and that is a victory. You've just got to take it in stride and keep going. This is a lifestyle change for me, not just a diet so if I slip up I just get right back on plan and focus on the day ahead and not the past. Because as long as you keep going and stick with it you're going to get to your goal!

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