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Hi everyone ... had a lovely day with my hunny today ... got up a little later than usual, had a banana and a nut bar for breakfast lol .. and a coffee (still not a fan of the home coffee lol) ... then did a little more of my cross stitch and then up and out we went to see a friend to drop off some things ... was only going to be a drop off and come home .. but ended up staying at the mall with her for about 2 hours!! Had lunch out at the cafe ... I ordered a coffee (trim, 12oz, single shot no sugar), and then hunny and I shared a Chicken/Brie Panini, and he ordered the low fat blueberry muffin .. .I had a couple of small mouthfuls of it .. cos I dont like the blueberry lol .. after the visit had a quick stop at the supermarket to get some more fresh fruit and lettuce etc then headed home to relax with each other until I got dinner sorted .. oh ... hang on .. will post tonights pic ...

pretty much the same as yesterday .. but instead of steak I had dry baked chicken (just baked in lidded dish with no liquid added) still nice and juicy but less fat (especially after I sat it for about 5 minutes on paper towels) .. so a little of that (150g for me .. 250g for hunny) sitting on top of the fancy lettuce, gherkin, cucumber, baby beetroot, baby corn, carrot & spring onion. Also a little bit of baby potato salad (with light mayo). In total my one was between 475-500 calories .. so really good .. and boy was it filling!! I dont even have room for my usual few pieces of fruit!

Tomorrow I am creating in the kitchen .. want to retry a few recipes I tried the other week (gluten/dairy free) to see if I can lower the calories a little more before I put them down in my book (which I will be printing up June/July) ... so will see if they work and will post them tomorrow I can afford to have the baking in the house because I am going into the markets to say a proper farewell to the other stall holders so can take them in for that lot to eat lol. Also going to make my first ever chili for my hunny .. I cant eat it cos I use tomato, but will make myself a couple of little meatballs to go with my veges.

MOUNTAIN WALKER - I am probably the last one to ask about exercise lol .. ask the others that have returned to my challenge .. I really havent gotten into the exercise part of weight loss at all! I did try for a few weeks .. and really I did great .. and I really loved it when I was doing it and how I felt after it .. just getting there was the hurdle which admittedly I wasnt great at overcoming. On the plus side .. now that I have cleared all the junk out of the lounge I have room to do my "Walk Away the Pounds" or "Disco with Richard Simmons" ... but seriously that is something I need to get myself sorted out with this time as I have signed up to 2 walking events so I need to train up to be able to get to the finish line! Other than that .. the excitement I feel for the weight loss hasnt really changed ... I get worried and fret a little occasionally when I know I have gone off the wagon, but really its coming in here every day and seeing what everyone else is up to helps to keep me excited (plus I have another challenge going on Facebook in a private group I started .. so if you are on Facebook and want to have 2 lines of attack/defence on this journey look me up to friend me .. Katt Clarkson-Schmieg).... so my advice .. keep checking in .. keep accountable .. and keep reminding yourself WHY you started this journey to start with!

UBEE - Thanks .. I do love this time of year for the fresh fruit and veg .. love being able to have foods I dont have to cook to enjoy But I love my veg cooked or raw so it does feature in 95% of my meals anyway lol.

KENDRABEAR - Not a bad thing to crave lol ..

ISLES - It was interesting reading about Celedrin .. I dont think I have seen that over here .. with my darling having had arthritis since his early teens his joints (as you can imagine) are not the best, he has had one hip replaced twice and the other one once. His knees now have no fluid in them and I hear them creak all the time, lord knows how he gets about ... but the latest thing we have been trying (along with his prescribed meds to deal with the pain and slow down the destruction) is Krill ... or is that Kreel .... no Im sure its the first one lol .. but since he started having it just before Xmas he has said that this summer is not as hard on him as usual (he has the type of arthritis that prefers the cooler months to the heat as he is already hot as they are always inflamed). But maybe I will see if I can find that one to see if that makes a difference too .. I do like finding natural things...

Okee .. midnight here ... weigh in tomorrow so I better get a good nights sleep lol .. hugs all .. see you on the scales!


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