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Originally Posted by zoerba View Post
B: Protidiet pancake and wf syrup
L: greenbeans w/ bacon bits and a bar
D: steak and mushrooms

I didn't have a very good day. I tried to stay on for the most part but also let myself cave in to temptation. I had a few things I shouldn't have that I won't mention because I don't want to trigger any cravings for anyone. I lost 9 pounds this first week and am so incredibly happy with that. I think I've just been unsatisfied with the food and craving some flavor. Still though, I know that I've now screwed myself for the next several days. Hopefully I can get right back on track and still have a loss next week.
Zoerba: If you can just stick with the food for a little while you'll find your tastes will change. Most of us are so used to eating carb-laden food that is full of salt, sugars, etc., etc. that it really takes a while for our palates to adapt. But they do. Some things I hated when I started I now enjoy. And experiment with some spices and different ways of cooking things, it can make all the difference in the world. Check out the recipe threads, lots of really good, delicious meals there.

Especially when you first start out, some days you just have to white knuckle it and push through. Drink decaf herbal tea when you're tempted to eat off-plan. Drink more water, eat more lettuce. Do it one day, one minute at a time if you have to. The rewards for staying OP are huge.

When cravings hit, come here and read success stories - it will help remind you of why you are doing this to begin with.

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