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I thought about this over the last day or so. Here’s what I have come up with. It's a draft list at the moment, so I may come back before the 27th and make a final edit. They are looking good to me now. But might think of something else in the next few weeks.

Nutritional Goals:
1: Plan lunches for the week, stick to food plan.
2: Bring lunch to work four days a week
3: Drink 2L of water a day
4: Eat at least five kinds of fruits and veg a day
5: Do not grab something from the shop on the way home from work
6: Chocolate only ONCE a week as a treat
7: Fizzy drinks only ONCE a week as a treat

I can’t give chocolate and fizzy drinks up, these is going to be so hard…

Exercise Goals:
1: Gym on both Saturday/Sunday
2: Gym once during weekdays
3: Strength training twice a week
4: Run on a mile on treadmill twice a week
5: Gym twice during weekdays
6: Gym three times during weekdays
7: Strength training four times a week

I focused all my exercise in the gym because that’s where I feel I really get my exercise done. I tried to go one step further for each phase. I’m struggling with going to the gym during the week; this is why I have listed it three times during the phases, increasing it by each day. Each will be challenge in itself!

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