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Evening all,
Gotta report an NSV today. (non Scale Victory). A couple of weeks back I bought some new jeans. It was a minor celebration that even though they were made in China, the correct size could actually be zipped and buttoned (just) - although got to admit to some muffin top here and there. Yesterday I got them out for the first time to wear over the weekend and wacko, I could button and zip with no problem whatsoever. So something must be working.
Yesterday I went picking fruit as I told you. I packed them all and froze them last night and today I went looking for some form of storage for my underwear. This place is somewhat light on storage that I can reach easily. Anyway, I now have put it together - with great difficulty and 5 non necessary fastener parts, and one missing necessary part, and also something that I suspect fits on a bicycle. Well made China indeed. I did make a couple of mistakes with the unit, but it is hanging together so far. It won't carry heavy loads and I am extremely grateful to the lady in Bunnings who suggested I get a rubber mallet to belt the fastenings into the fittings. It would still be in pieces without that. The bloke in the storage area, when asked about needing anything to help put it together, said and I quote ' Yeah Nah luv. Piece of P*ss to put together those things'. Yep, nah right.

So having walked all the way up to the hardware store ( about 2.5k) and having stopped off to get my veges on the way, and having gone to a kitchen/ bathroom store before the hardware store, I had fruit, veg, hairdryer, scales for the bathroom, scales for the kitchen and the storage gizmo. Took stock and called a cab to get me home. I might be able to carry a fairly heavy load, but I am not stupid.
Got home, put the food away, created the storage unit and then went to the supermarket for the usual stuff like laundry washing stuff and meat. So I have done my exercise for the day. The wind blew me around all the time I was walking as well.

Happy - new car, nice. Hope you are as happy with this as you were with the old one. Love what you did with Mum's rant. Always something to do while you are on the phone.

Annie - Hope the little one is over the Strep throat. The office sounds like the normal stuff ups. We have to go through that in the next couple of weeks. Nice thing is that the new office is 5 minutes downhill from here.
I can roll out of bed and down to the office.

Michelle - did you get the friend to the poker game?

Ceejay - nice that you had a good weekend with the family. Some of the old family photos are really fun to have and to keep. You can put them with the family tree and in the family album.

Laura - Hope you managed okay with the Mexican and the meeting with the friend. It's always a challenge to find something that will not blow the calories out of the water

Susie - You're going well with the program now. 1.8 loss is great. Now that I have my scale, I will be changing things as well. I took the original figure from that which I weighed some month or so ago. We've had Christmas and New Year since then.

Okay, better move along. Back to work tomorrow and I have to make a dent in the huge log of stuff I now have to do. Should be able to get some of oldest stuff sorted.

Where did the weekend go?
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