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I have had a good day with my uncles. My cousin from Little Rock was up today and it's always fun to talk to him. There was a picture going around today that I don't remember seeing. It was a group picture of my mom's family at my grandparents on Mothers day in 1953. My baby sister was 5 months old. I was asleep on my dad's lap but not all of me was in the picture. I like seeing these old pictures.
I also made good food choices for lunch but haven't entered it on MFP. I also rode the bike but only for 20 minutes.
I've got my tablet charged up and am using it again.

Hope your migraine didn't fully develop so that you were able to go play poker.

Give the lil man a hug for me. I feel for anyone that has strep especially a little guy. But I know that he's in good hands. Hope dd doctor appointment went well.

Which vehicle did you decided upon-another 4runner. 400 dollars is not a bad price to pay for maintenance. And a smart choice in putting you phone on speaker to do other tasks around the house. I should remember that the next time I have a lengthy conversation with my sister.

Yum, blackberries. I love them, don't enjoy picking them though.
Glad you had some quality time with your friend.

Thank you for adding me to you MFP list. How nice that you kept your
friend children!
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