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Hi Everyone. We are final out of the deep freeze her in Ohio and had little bit of rain so that salt on the roads (and it feels like everything else) has been washed away. I didn't make it to the car wash yet, but will go tomorrow.

I didn't make it here yesterday as work got crazy. One of my managers decided that she has to go to the plant in Mexico next week for 3 days,so I had to rearrange her calendar for next week and even a couple of weeks after that as she wantd some of next weeks meetings rearranged.....and it goes on and on. I also have complex HR subject going on with one of our employees and that took a lot of calls and emails too.

I ended up working from 8-7 p.m. and then we went to dinner (more about that in a bit), came back home around 9 an worked until 1:30 a.m. But I'm n good shape for Monda morning.

We are friends with a family that has 4 girls, the last two are twins. I was in deliver with my friend when she had all 4 girls. They call us Unlce and Aunt and I love them like we are family.

Anyway, one of the twins has a palet spreader thing in her mouth and one of the brackets broke on one side, so it was hanging in her mouth. We don't have a childern's orthodonist in town and so ths appratus was put in a Children' in Cincinnati. My friend called them and they told her to try and get the apparatu out of the bracket on the other side, and if not, she would have to bring her in (a hour drive each way)...well of course, she couldn't get it out. Her huband was out of town and driving back but was aout 6 hours away.

So, we took the other 3 to dinner with us, and they stayed all night. The told their mom it was a great night. My friend didn't get back with with her other daughter until around 1 a.m. Kind of a cray night.

For those of you on MFP, my weight loss there showed 1.8 lbs instead of the 2.25 I reported here because I hadn't changed my MFP number and I had gained a bit back from that numer, so that is why it was different. Now it is all current.

Ceejay: I will add you to MFP. I need too back and look up your name. If you don't see a request from me, please feel free to add me. I'm SusieChaney on MPF.

I was doing the same floor cleaning that you were today. The floors were a mess with all the snow, and the ice melt and wet shoes on the floors all week. It feels good to have it all cleaned up.

I hope your migraine stays away. I get them sometimes and they make me so even hurts to breathe. Hopefully your work week this weeik will be a bit smoother.

Annie: I hope your grandson is doing ok. I get strep very easily and it is so painful. Both my newphews has had it over the past 2 weeks. You know how one gets it and passes it on.

Michelle: Sorry that you had a migraine too. Did your friend and you make it to poker?

Laura: Thanks for the link. I had heard that about the cards and I thought I would do it this year. I still have the cards we received for Christmas so I will now be able to get them sent to were they need to go.

How was your breakfast with your friend today. I LOVE will see them on my food diary on MFP a lot. I just try to eat 2 instead of 6 now!

Happy: I don't envy you doing car shopping. We bought a new car 18 months ago and I know that "dance" you are talking about with the salesman. And it does make your head spin sit down and talk " the deal". But when you get into the new car, it all sems to disappear...until the 1st payment is due! lol

Glad to hear you were able to get your tree smart of you to make good use of the time during your phone call with your mom.

Shad: It seems so odd to think you are in the summer season...I'm envious!
You have summer and fresh berries! Blackberries are my favorite!

See you all tomorrow. I'm going to get up an hour early than I usually do so that I can get my walking DVD in and done for the day tomorrow.

I didn' work out on Friday or today as I felt my body as really tired but I'm ready to gt back to it tomorrow. Bye bye for now

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