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I'm still in the process of writing my goals, but this is my first draft. These might change before the 27th. I decided to have 8 tiers for both nutritional and exercise because if I am able to keep up with the goals each week without starting over, its makes it 36 weeks total, or about 9 months. That seemed like a nice even number to me.

For Nutritional I have:

1. Log all food into My Fitness Pal
2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
3. Plan all meals, no eating out alone. Try to plan for meals that will be eaten out to compensate for the extra calories.
4. No carbonated beverages, diet or otherwise.
5. No high fructose corn syrup
6. Don't buy any food with hydrogenated oils
7. No more refined grains
8. Stick with whole foods

I feel like the 4-7 are kind of building blocks for number 8 so eating whole foods will be a lot easier as I start eliminating some of the items that are found in processed foods.

For exercise I really want to work up to working out 5 days a week with two days off. I want to to be a routine thing that I do just as easily as brushing my teeth in the morning.

1. Cardio 2 times a week
2. Strength train 1 time a week
3. Exercise outside of the gym 1 time a week
4. Cardio 3 times per week
5. Strength train 2 times a week
6. Enter and Run/Jog a 5K
7. Cardio 4 times a week
8. Strength train 3 times a week

I'll have to eventually do some strength training and cardio on the same days. Right now I just do cardio, I haven't done a lot of strength training.

So that's what I have as a of right now. This might change a little. Especially the exercise one. =)

Riestrella: I would like to write about this challenge and keep track of my progress with it in my blog. Do you mind if I provide a link to your blog post about it and this forum challenge in any future posts I might make?
May Fitness Goals:
720 minutes of walking/running (111/720)
240 minutes of strength training (0/240)
120 minutes of yoga or pilates (30/120)
End of May Goal weight: 270

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