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Larry sounds like you've got a plan

Betsy - 3 days binge free is good, you are doing amazing! I probably should tackle that someday

Ubee - I've been tired lately, I blame the lack of sunlight, I feel low energy during the darkest parts of the year. Yeah it gets too cold and you have to promote function over fashion for most of the year too. THe scarf is very "airy" so not very practical but sometimes you just want something pretty!

Fi - I feel your frustration, I mean I can't really imagine. I hope you see the specialist soon so you can figure out what you can and can't do . I can only imagine the frustration.

time- hope you feel better soon.Readjusting to a regular sleep schedule and all that is hard. I didn't even take a holiday but all the special days off here and there combined with weekends have me struggling.

PJV that sounds like quite the workout!

merstopher I have an older verion of fit bit thats on its last legs I really need to start wearing it again! I love the stats its just remembering to grab it in the AM off the nightstand that I struggle with. (I don't sleep with mine on... )

lunch with a friend and had a salad, with grilled chicken and dressing on the side, so that was good. I'm really trying to make better choices. Dinner plans tonight with a different friend again we're going to make a salad and maybe soup... so that should be good. I have a LOT of housework to get to, I was working on that but took the lunch break. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
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