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Total score on shopping! Found 2 pairs of work pants at the thrift store for $5 each - one size 12 and one size 10. Both of them fit so I think the cut has a lot to do with it. Went to Kohl's and found shirts, underwear and leggings at 70% off and then hit Ann Taylor with a gift card and scored a $75 jacket for $25.

I find that shopping takes a LOT longer these days because I have to try everything on and am guessing a lot at what size will fit. Used to be I could just go buy 26/28 pants and knew they'd fit and the same with tops. Now it's a huge guessing game - some medium tops fit, some I have to go large, some 10s fit, some 12s fit. By the next shopping trip I suspect I'll have to start all over with new sizes.

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