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Good morning all. It's a rainy and very windy day here. There are dire predictions for how this will affect the Seahawks game.....I gather it's being played today!

Ubee -- Thanks for giving me a bye. And I'm amazed that anyone can be upright and functioning without coffee. I may be a tad bit addicted -- at least mentally. Glad you remembered it for today. Your enthusiasm about cooking again with the new eating plan is great -- hope it's contagious. That's one "illness" I wouldn't mind getting!

Fi -- I'm with you on wanting things definite. We're just organized and while I sometimes can't give an immediate answer to an invitation, I at least say that I'll let them know by such and such a date. Drives my family crazy, but since I'm the one who does almost all of the holiday and birthday meals, knowing more than a day in advance is helpful. Do they think the meal fairy just delivers these meals? Your collage group sounds so cool -- although I have to admit that cutting up a National Geographic is something I'm not sure I could do. My parents always saved them to take to school so I've been trained to never, ever get rid or mar a National Geographic. But none of us carry around our childhood baggage, do we? Keep up the leg lifts. They seem to really add to your day. I'm working on the free from food thoughts, but a long way to go.

Time4Me -- Hope you're feeling much better by the time you read this. Sounds like your body definitely needed some down time.

Pam -- So envious of your being able to get out and do some yard work (I think I am....may have to rethink that statement). It sure makes a difference in the spring not to be facing a mountain of tasks that need to be done. And sounds like you got a good workout with it. My griping about the co-op needs to stop as I agreed to do this so I just need to suck it up. But, I really admire you for volunteering for your town council 18 years ago and continue to serve.

Merstopher -- Your posts always make me want to get out and move more. So glad that you're seeing such positive results from your efforts. Keep up the great work.

I'm definitely procrastinating on cleaning the house for the January birthday gathering here tomorrow. It will get done, but we've covered my thoughts on cleaning house -- a root canal without any pain relievers might be preferable. OK, that may be a slight exaggeration. Mentally, I'm slowly getting back in the game. I need to bake one of the birthday celebrants a cake and the other one a pie (yes, I spoil my family), but they don't even sound good right now. I'm getting my exercise on going up and down my steps to the basement for Toby. He signals that he wants to go out, then realizes that it's crummy weather and turns around to come back in. We've done that 5 times so far this morning. Yes, the training is coming along well. I figure I'll be perfectly trained in about another week or so!

Have a great day all.

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