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Good morning all!!!

How is everyone today?

Merstopher - Great Job on the loss... you are doing great... I am a cat person too but I love dogs as well.... I have 2 dogs and about 6 cats... mostly girls... LOL... no testosterone here... or very little... POP means Perfect On Plan... I like to wish everyone that when I close. I picked it up from another board...
Fiona - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of a collage group... I am a wee bit artistic as well... right now I am in the groove of painting crosses... for a while I was very interested in the Bob Ross type of painting mainly because I love the landscapes he would paint... I really need to focus on painting more and branch some...
Ubee - 'It seems to me a few of us may be in our winter rut. I will use it to my advantage and eat in a healthy rut.' This is me through and through. I am definitely in a winter rut. I can't seem to walk unless it is warm. I have been counting calories and doing extra things around the house but I know it is not enough. I have not 5Ks planned for anytime soon. Once it warms up I will really kick the training for those back into gear. The only thing is that I don't have a walking buddy any longer due to injury and I am kind of chicken to do them alone. LOL.
Jane - I cannot imagine -10 here in Texas, as that would be impossible for me to withstand. We have a wet cold here as the humidity tends to be really high. I went on vacation once to a high valley in Colorado (where the humidity is low) and the temps were -30 and to me those felt like 10 degrees in Texas. I remember seeing a girl that would walk from one building to another barefooted in those -30 temps and I asked her about doing that and she said she was just used to it. How do you get used to that? LOL Surely, she didn't do that all the time.
Time4Me - I sure hope you are feeling well soon and hopefully it is just jetlag and not something else.
Betsy - So sorry you are still dealing with all that board stuff. I missed the first part of all of that but I am guessing you are a volunteer who maybe signed on for a year. I certainly do not blame you for not doing it again. I volunteered 18 years ago to be on the City Council and I am still doing it. Fortunately we have a secretary and mayor who take care of most of the issues that come up so the stress from that is minimal.
Larry - I completely understand with high sodium/calorie in restaurants... isn't it insane?... We have Chicken Express here in Texas... awesome fried tenders... but when I started my Lifestyle Plan I was appalled at how many calories each tender had... I won't even slow down when I go by there now... LOL...
MW - the chicken sounds lovely with some veggies... I put on a pot of black-eyes peas and will have that for lunch today with some left over cabbage and maybe some venison.
Silent - I hope you find that energy and drive to cook for your friend... I am sure they will greatly appreciate it... ... what a blessing you are!!!

Thursday I had training for work and Friday (yesterday) I had to take a certification exam. I got in early and it was warm about 70 degrees so I had the afternoon to do yardwork, moving brick stones and making a little walkway/step to my storage building, cleaning the back porch and getting it winter ready AGAIN, blew off the back bricks and then came in and cooked cabbage for dinner. I even did a little painting and put together a wreath I had been planning to do for a week or so. I am a little sore this morning from maneuvering the bricks (carrying them from one place to another and setting up my step and walkway) but other than that feel pretty good today. I am hoping for another pretty day and it looks like some high 60's are in the forecast. Maybe I can get some of that good old walking in today.
I hope everyone has a wonderful POP (perfect on plan) day.
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