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Reboot: 01/01/15
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P1 Reboot, Day 11 - Vegetarian, IP and Alternative mixture

B: IsoPure Zero Cookies and Cream with coffee, hard boiled egg (snowboarding addition)
L: ProtiDiet Chili Lime Soy Snacks, 2c. cucumbers with EVOO, ACV
S: SimplyProtein Whey Apple Cinnamon Bar
D: 4 egg, 2 egg white omelet with 2c. spinach, romaine salad with EVOO, ACV

** Snowboarding all day today! 2 hours of which will be full-out as all kiddos will be in ski school during that time. The last part of the day, we will have my littlest with us, but my husband and I will switch on and off so the other can take some fast laps. It's been snowing here for 72 hours straight... power day Here. We. Come!! Mountain days are tough for me and eating on IP. Planning last night, getting out all of my foods, listing it on My Fitness Pal to see if my choices are good choices (especially with a restricted, which I usually do not have in my daily meal plan), etc. was SO helpful for staying on plan. Hopefully I can ride while my husband take our littlest to lunch, and I can eat my food afterwards!!

IP Start: 12/01/2012
Phased Off: 4/18/12
Reboot: 01/01/13
Reboot: 09/08/14
Reboot: 01/01/15

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