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Originally Posted by Hiker88 View Post
Well I finally got to move into my new place yesterday! Yippee! Before I got possession, I went out for a nice lunch and then ate all 8 oz of protein in the one sitting. I was worried about how hungry I would be at supper but I was just so exhausted that I was happy to drink my choc shake and go to bed early!

We only unloaded one small trailer last night so this afternoon will be a lot more work! I need to go to the grocery store this morning so I have OP food on hand. As all the veterans say 'Its all about the preparation'!!
Yeah Hiker! Getting into your own place and getting to have your own routine back will be so wonderful!

And too funny about going grocery shopping this a.m. - you know you're hardcore IP when you go to get your groceries before unpacking so that you're prepared! Good for you!

Going to do grocery shopping and look for some more pants this morning - just realized that even my leggings are baggy. And then the game this afternoon (Go Seahawks!) which we're watching on TV. I plan on doing nearly nothing this weekend - we'll see how that goes.

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