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From yesterday:
Originally Posted by zoerba View Post
Happy Friday, everyone! I had a rockin day! I am feeling won-der-ful!

I have a few questions for anyone who can help me understand. I am a bit confused as far as a few things go.

1. Why is it that on IP we are not able to have more fat? I didn't think that fat could take you out of ketosis. My understanding is that being in ketosis is what burns fat so quickly while on IP. Am I mistaken? I realized today that I accidentally used too much oil and was a bit upset, but then wondered if it would truly hinder my loss.

2. I'm confused about the sugar.....many of the foods have grams of sugar on the nutritional label, but no sugar in the ingredients list (only sweeteners). Being that these items DO have grams of sugar, how does that affect the body different than an item with the same amount of sugars, but where the ingredient list says sugar? I know the IP plan is clear about staying away from sugar, but I keep getting confused when the food labels have sugar grams.

Thanks for helping me understand!

I'm SO happy it's Friday. I'm also thrilled tomorrow marks my first week on this journey! It hasn't been bad at all and, surprisingly, I haven't had any intense cravings. My weight has been stuck at the same place for 4 days now though and it's been a little frustrating. However, I did lose almost 8 pounds the first 3 days, so I will still have a good loss for the first week even if I don't lose tomorrow.

I got my Nashua order in last night and here are my current reviews:

Question about the oatmeal and pancakes (protidiet versions) - when I look at the stats, they both appear to be unrestricted. However, the IP instructional sheet says that all oatmeals and pancakes are restricted. Which should I go by? Thanks!
1. IP is a PSMF diet so it is low carb, low calorie, low fat. Many low carb diets don't limit fats as much. You are correct that fat won't kick us out of ketosis. The quick weight loss is due to the low EVERYTHING. Being in ketosis isn't necessarily what burns the fat. It sure helps with appetite suppression, tho! Dr T's first book had 1 Tbsp of oil, so don't get too upset over the initial overuse.

2. There are naturally occurring sugars and added sugars. We don't want any sugar on the ingredients list (added sugar), however veggies will have naturally occurring sugars, which appear as sugar grams on the nutritional label. You can ignore the "sugars" on the label, just make sure you read carbs & ingredients (to find/avoid added sugar).

3. IP Oatmeal is restricted. Off-brand labels may be different due to varying ingredients. For example, the ProtiDiet maple oatmeal is unrestricted, altho the IP version is restricted.
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