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A new year and a new me!
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Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been away the last couple of days ... well .. at least not babbling lol .. its been a busy couple of days .. I was intending to go into the shop on Friday to start packing up .. but decided to come home instead to clean my house lol .. so after waiting for the bus I headed home from town and got off a couple of stops early to walk home ... then got changed and started attacking the lounge ... so many things had built up over the last few months of me doing the minimal so it was a very therapeutic activity .. which took me almost 2 hours!! (3.5 bags of rubbish and non-necessary later!). I was going to relax for a while .. then went to do the dishes (from the lounge and night before lol) then I started on the kitchen ... after that it was time to attack the porch out back which has been a dumping ground for MONTHS! Another great time was had .. and I found some things I had been looking for too lol ...

By then it was time to get dinner sorted out .. so I got the vegetables ready and marinated some steak for hunny .. and a little chicken for me

Today was more of an adventure ... I took 2 HUGE boxes of clothes to the recycling bins (Im not sure if you have them where you are .. but its where people can drop off the clothes for different charities).. and it half filled one of the bins lol ... still have 1.5 boxes to take there too. After that hunny n I went into the shop to pack it all up ... came home and relaxed this afternoon before a late dinner as (sorry peeps!) it was too hot to eat earlier. But I made a delicious dinner ...

I marinated a lean piece of steak with a little honey soy, quick fried it in a non stick pan (no oil) then took it out and left it to sit for 5 minutes. Then I thinly sliced it on an angle to sit on the top of the salad (which I put together while the steak was cooking). Frilly lettuce, Cucumber, Spring Onion, Gherkin & Carrot. Hunny had tomato (Im allergic) and a small sprinkling of grated Gouda cheese ... oh and I had a couple of tablespoons of a seed mix (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin). For afters we had a few pieces of fresh fruit (banana, strawberries & plums). So lovely and so filling! Still under my calories for the day too ... feeling a bit better about todays food intake that is for sure lol.

Right .. catch up ...

KENDRABEAR - Welcome in hun .. have added you onto the chart Look forward to seeing you on the boards Great attitude about taking it easy too ... little steps forward are better than a giant leap where you could stumble and fall backwards

MOUNTAIN WALKER - Don't stress too much, its only the beginning .. and as lovely as we would like to think it won't happen again .. unfortunately just when we think we knew the answers they changed all the questions! Its a long journey we are on and its always going to be an adventure lol.

TIME4ME2CHANGE - Wow .. you have a lot of exciting things coming up Sounds like it will all be a blast and Im sure your birthday will be one to remember

ISLES - Yay about the physical ... hummm .. I really should think about getting a physical to see how the loss is working for me lol ... hate going to doctors though so do tend to avoid them when I can You seem soooo organised and determined this time round hun .. very proud of you I seem to have the opposite problem to you .. I don't even THINK of tracking whatever activity I do .. but I LOVE to track my calories lol ... I have found that if I think about the general amount of calories it helps me to behave a bit better lol ..

LIVCARTER - Welcome on in hun .. glad to have you on board Have added you to the chart

How is everyone else going??? Are you all keeping warm?? Even though I was sitting out in the sun today I was thinking about you a lot and hoping that you are all keeping warm and well.


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