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Originally Posted by 65X65 View Post
Today is the 1 year mark of starting IP for me.

If I can share one thing about my life that is better with everyone, it is that the last thought in my head before going to sleep and the first thought that lets me know I am awake and it is a new day is no longer.."How can I lose this weight?"

That dominated my head for years...and yes, one of my preoccupations is now "How do I maintain?"...but this place is so much better. Not depressing. Not self defeating. Not negative. It is a good place. A happy place.

Wishing all the new starts and restarts arrival to that place this year.
Congrats 65 on the anniversary! You are such an inspiration and an asset to this "family" - your positive attitude is always so motivating to see!

And you're right - it is so much better to be in a place where you're looking at keeping all the positive changes you have made for yourself rather than wondering how you can make the changes.

Originally Posted by jendilly View Post
Sharing a small victory with you all. Last night I made cookies for my kids. Not full-blown homemade, but just the simple pre-made dough you buy in the store. Felt like I'd make them a "treat" for their lunch today and let them have one last night. The victory for me? I didn't eat any...not even a tiny bit of the dough. In the past, I would've eaten a chunk of the dough and a few of the cookies. Didn't even lick my fingers. I bagged up the ones for their lunches and had them eat one...and we were done with it. No cheating for me! Oh and then I realized that I hadn't eaten my snack yet, so I enjoyed my butterscotch pudding with a smile on my face.
good job jendily!

Originally Posted by vachinyc View Post
Hope you all have a lovely evening! Tomorrow is a new day and we're lucky to have it.
I love your outlook vachinyc!

Started PT today for my upper back issues. Not doing much yet, just the electrical stimulation, heat and very, very simple exercises. The PT wants to "break the cycle of pain" before starting me on any strengthening or real stretching. Said if he started me on a bunch of exercises I would just hate him and never come back! I'm really looking forward to being able to start building some muscles back up but I'm patient - want to do this right so I don't have to go through it all over again.

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