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Originally Posted by Prettynurse555 View Post
Weighed in this morning after a 12h night shift. Got off at 7, went shopping and weighed in at 10. Weight loss was 5.8 lbs and 3 inches. I'm disappointed with my week 1 weigh in. I stuck to the plan to a T, no gum etc etc and was hoping for more of an 8 or 9. I do feel my clothes fitting better and the girls at work think my "tummy" has shrunk. Here's hoping! 5 lbs is ok, but for the effort I put in I was hoping for a better #.

Here's to next week.
Congratulations! 5.8 is awesome! You have to remember that you are starting at a lower weight and won't usually have the same loss as folks starting higher. Some weeks will he high and some weeks will be low. I even had a week (well 4 days) where I showed a gain and I have been 100% since day 1. Just stick to it and it will work!

W1-5.2 W2-4.4 W3-1.8 W4-4.8 W5 -.6 W6 +.4 ( after 4 days and at the end of the day instead of the start) W7 No WI Holidays W8 -7.8 W9 -3.2 W10 -.4 W11 -2.8 W12 -2.2 W13 -1.8 W14 -.2 W15 - no weigh in W16 -.2 W17 - no weigh in W18 - no weigh in W19 -1.8 W20 -2.4 W21 -1.2 W22 -2.8 W23 -.6 W24 -3.4 W25 +.8

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