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Guess I missed some of you while I was taking a break and vacuuming pine needles off the rug

Sorry to hear of all the illness running around - 'tis that time of year I'm afraid. Hate to hear of Lil Man with something as nasty as strep throat. POPSICLES!!!! and :hugs:

Michelle - hope you caught the migraine in time. I'm sure your friend is counting on you for poker so it will be way better if you don't have to drive in blinding pain. I hope you can have some time this weekend to reorganize. I am just tired of seeing stuff lay around - sometimes neat and tidy is it's own reward. I like pancakes - occasionally - but give me a good eggs benedict any day! yum - now I'm thinking about that. Good thing I don't have a car to go anywhere

Laura - thank you for the link - I see they want all sorts of greeting cards so that's good to know. As for the eggs - can I get geeky??? - you are right about older eggs being easier to peel. As an egg ages, the white inside shrinks and leaves an air pocket. Just a little bit of air makes it easier to peel - I HATE stubborn hard cooked eggs where you rip half the egg off with the shell. I have also heard that adding a bit of salt to the water also makes them easier to peel but I'm not sure if that does anything other than add more sodium to the egg.

Ok, now I'm going to go look at cars online. Maybe I'd better take an aspirin first or dizzy pills too many choices.
Why torture yourself, when life will do it for you? Be the best you can be today - be mindful with your choices. aa

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