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Morning all,

Happy Friday to you. We are supposed to FINALLY get out of the deep freeze and maybe even see 30 degrees today. DH is waiting on Enterprise (car rental) to come and pick him up and take him down to go pick up the rental car. I realized this morning that we left both garage door openers in the towed away cars. DH said it's no big deal to get out and open the door - oh yeah I said, just wait Now that the garage is empty I feel I should go get at some boxes and clean them out but it's still darn freezing cold in there and I have PLENTY to clean in here by gosh by golly. Was talking to Mom last night and she launched into a 20 minute diatribe about her friend's wife's cousin's son's kids really? so I just let her go on and I put the phone on speak on the counter and went and took the ornaments and lights off the Christmas tree. DH took it out this morning - it will be repurposed into shelter for the birds outside. I guess there is an icy glaze forming outside - sometimes a warm up is not always the best thing on top of lots of snow. I hope it doesn't get wretched out there - don't need Annie's conditions.

Ceejay - that's ok that you didn't exercise yesterday, you had a valid reason. Just consider it your off day and get back into the swing of things today. I guess a migraine is a good reason to avoid any drama at work.

Susie - congrats on the 2.25 weight loss Excellent work!!!

Annie - good to have you back with us again. Do you live in a gated community? If so then you need to be calling up the homeowners association and getting on their case about cleaning the streets. Yay for you for doing I.T.'s work and getting the printers working again. You are the woman - most unappreciated but always in demand I'm sure. I'm glad to hear that Sissy is doing well in her pregnancy - hope she gets to term with no problems.

Hello to the rest of the ladies I need to get cracking here. later chicas.
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