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Morning all! TGIF!!!

Ceejay – Yay, another MFP user. I’ll try to find you. I was a bit worried about frozen pipes, but we actually have none on the outside walls except in our basement, which is below grade and I should think the foundation and soil is plenty of protection against freezing. Sorry the migraine took out most of your day off yesterday. Hope you can enjoy the rest of your weekend and the warmer temps!! I’ll take rain since we’ve had enough snow for quite a while, but now I’m concerned about flooding. The water from the rain and melting snow will have nowhere to go since the ground is frozen. Fingers it’s nothing severe.

Michelle – So sorry to hear about your friend’s bad news. Being there for him, like you have been, is what you can do for him. Re being hungry – I’ve been there the past couple days. Trying to time my snacks to avoid hunger. I want to eat something filling and satisfying, but I’m trying to avoid nuts because even a single portion can be high in calories. I’ll have to tweak my snacks and meals to fit those in. I also want to boil some eggs to have as snacks, but we’re waiting for them to be not quite so fresh because that helps make them easier to peel. Sounds strange, but it seems to help. So we’ve got a couple dozen sitting in the fridge. In the meantime, I think I need to finally try one of those egg cup recipes where you mix up eggs, veggies and maybe some cheese and/or meat and bake it in a muffin pan. They can be frozen and microwaved as needed.

Happy – Sorry about both cars needing to be towed to get serviced. Still hoping there’s a bit of life left in both or at least one of the vehicles. Two car purchases at once would be mindboggling! How frustrating about all the different answers you received re the towing coverage/reimbursement. Re being stranded and inadequately dressed…I know that perhaps there can’t be adequate dressing for some of the extremely lows temps you’ve gotten up there, but please be sure you keep extra warm clothing items in your cars! It drives me nuts to see people dressed lightly in cold weather just because they’re in their cars and don’t expect to be out and about - or stranded. Re St. Jude – I forwarded you the e-mail I received. Let me know if you received it. And if anyone else is interested, I can forward it along, or you can check out the site at this link: Hope that works.

Susie – Good job on the loss!!! You should be excited about that because the holidays are soooo difficult – a loss after all the parties and meals, etc is GREAT!!

Annie – MFP is My Fitness Pal, a website where you can track your eating and exercise, as well as blog. Users can friend each other and follow their progress and offer support. Glad the roads are better for you. Yeh, not getting the mail for a few days isn’t a huge deal - I’m quite okay with the future elimination of Saturday mail delivery…Times sure have changed. Glad to hear Sissy’s pregnancy is going well. I’ll keep her in my prayers that it continues to go well!! Hope you can have the sleepover with the li’l guy on Saturday. Re the office move – I can see just going ahead and fixing the issues yourself – you can’t wait around for the movers to come back when there’s business to be done! And I imagine you’re the one taking the heat for this, so it’s best to fix it ASAP.

Shad – Yay for a more reasonable power bill!!! I hope this is the end of it! Enjoy your weekend.

Nothing much to report. Yesterday was a rest day for my challenges. Didn’t do much last night except some tube-watching.

Plans to see a band tonight at the casino the next town over have fallen through, but I’m not all that upset. We’re going to get quite a bit of rain and I don’t mind just staying at home. Bf wants to go out for some Mexican food… a challenge to my weight loss progress. I will skip any alcohol and drink water and watch my portions. The restaurant we want to go to is a bit upscale from the usual “side of rice and refried beans”, so I can probably find something on the lighter side. And control portions, of course!

Saturday I’m meeting a former co-worker for breakfast. That will actually be more of a challenge to me than Mexican food for dinner – I always look forward to a big salty breakfast with a side of pancakes instead of toast. I won’t go the oatmeal or cereal route tomorrow, but I will stay away from the pancakes.

Other than that, no other plans this weekend. I will finally return a sweater I bought that ended up having a hole in the sleeve. I'd bought it at an outlet mall in WI last month and can return it to the store at the big mall near me. There was no way I was going over there during the Christmas shopping rush!

As for exercise…my challenges await, and maybe a trip to the gym on Sunday.

That’s it for me. TTFN!
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