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Originally Posted by Annik View Post
An interesting article that talks not only about the benefits of low carb but also where the different carb ranges take us in terms of achieving some of those benefits

How Many Carbs Should You Eat Per Day To Lose Weight

Thx so much. Great site and info. Interestingly, the first link I clicked to read the research article took me to one by Jeff Volek, who co-authored "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living" which I found very helpful as I was transitioning last fall!!

As much info as there is about maintenance and dieting ...we do all really need to find what will work in maintenance for each of us just as we needed to find the right diet to lose.

Going back to a full diet will will put me back where I was before IP and I know that. Any help managing a low carb lifestlye as my "rest of life" path is helpful and appreciated. Much of the info Maile has shared us is also invaluable to those of us who are reckoning with this as our reality. As I suspected, the IP path that allows a lot more carbs to be added will not be possible for me and going slow along with daily weighing once I was P4 showed me that in a matter of I was able to back up before it became a problem. Also what IP terms a regular "cheat day" (hate that is not cheating...and if your metabolism is is not something you should feel guilty about!) is not a good thing for me because it is possible (although not always probable) that making the choice to have a whole day with no thought to what I know to be my truth .... will have consequences! After testing the water, I am good with living this way because I will be happy if I can celebrate birthdays or life events with an evening or meal that is beyond the daily lifestyle choice I've made on occasion. This site has some really good info for someone with my metabolic issues, including how to manage outside of my "truth" when I want or need to, with out going completely in a dark hole!

Thanks...I'm planning on subscribing to some of the RSS feeds once I have more time to comb through it. There is a LOT there!!

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