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So much good info and positive energy here today - I love it!

I had the day from h*ll today, but ended it by going and getting my nails done with sis who I hadn't seen in a couple of weeks. So that made it a positive day!

Lisa: I love the new pic - you look so happy!

I was pretty amazed by the numbers the doc gave me too - especially after I did the math. No wonder my poor ankles and feet were swollen all the time and hurt! I've noticed a marked decrease in my knees and hips too.

But now I'm having to find new sleeping positions - thinking of getting a body pillow to sleep against. I've noticed that without all the padding, the bones seem to clank together a bunch at night.

I don't do a restricted every day - I realized I was looking forward to them just a bit too much. I don't think they hampered my weight loss any, just trying to pay attention to what is happening. I still have them several times a week, but trying to change my palate a little bit.

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