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Default Vegetarian meal options

My daily video from ideal protein for today was on vegetarian options

the recap is as follows:

Vegetarian Options
4 eggs plus 2 egg whites
2 additional packets instead of meat
Commercial vegetarian meat substitutes such as quorn or gardian

Requirements for vegetarian meat substitutes:
Should be plain (no breading)
30 grams of protein (may need more than one serving)
170-200 calories fairly typical of protein meals
Not more than 5-6 grams of fat
Not more than 5-6 grams net carbohydrates
There are plenty of products that meet this criteria
Quorn turkey style roast
15 grams of protein in one serving so you need 2 servings for 30 grams-ok
Calories-90-doubled in 180 ok
8 carbs less fiber 6=2 net
2 net carbs doubled will be 4 ok
2.5 –doubled 5 grams of fat
This is a great option

hope this helps! I was raised vegetarian and I eat meat now
but I still enjoy vegetarian meals through out the week!

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