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S/C/G: 187+hi/177.7start IP/109/112.7

Height: 4'10"


B - Omlette with mushrooms and spinach ..AND 1 TBS chopped hotpickled peppers (Total 1/2 C veggies).

L - Romaine Salad with veggies: cukes, gr and red bell peppers chopped celery and mustard dressing (Total 1/2 C chopped veggies) 1/2 of 1 GNC Pumpkin spice shake (25 g Protein 170 cals) mixed In a latte cup with 1/2 decaff coffee and dash of cayenne pepper and SAIGON SPICE cinnamon {WHERE ARE YOU AVALON? Hope you are well}

D - Tacco Salad - Made with a bed of romaine lettuce, ground venison cooked with hot sauce garlic powder and red pepper flakes. Simmered with a little water and a dash or two MORE of the hot sauce as it cooks. 1 C chopped salad veggies like peppers, cukes, radishes and celery.

2 C Roasted asparagus tips with lemon juice

S - Choc pudding made with decaf coffee in the blender. Then and add a pinch of that SAIGON CINNAMON and cayenne pepper and pulse again!

That concoction really warms me up in this chilly weather. Best trick ever!!

Needless to say it still is not warm enough in our neck of the woods in spite of the polar vortex heading out. I've been craving hot and spicy for days!! Today I've let my inner self long as it's 0/0/0 or can count as part of my veggies!

May the sun Please shine soon ... for even a few hrs?

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