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I don't know your age, but for your height is your diet is mostly fast food and frozen meals you are doing relatively OK. But your body could change and you could find yourself at 250-300.

Also fast food and frozen meals have A LOT of salt. You might be setting yourself up for high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, I will be frank a shorter life or at best a worse quality of life.

How much would medications cost? And Dr. visits? How much is health worth? When we look at things holistically veggies are a bargin many times over. Plus a serving of veggies is comparable to or less than junk food. A little veggies go a long way.

If you look for sales and frozen is fine, even canned but do not buy canned tomatoes from what I hear, I bet your budget would not take much of a hit at all.

I call the 99 cent burgers the most expensive meal on the planet because you will pay, with health costs and quality of life down the road.

And I had heard this before but the last time I read it, it stuck. The modern fast food beef is using animals that they are using every trick in the book to get them as fast as possible as fast as possible: lowest quality possible diet, every hormone in the world that will get them to gain weight the fastest, and of course antibiotics. That is low quality meat to make it 99 cents.

I can't sit her and say that those hormones are still in the meat. I do know study after study shows a real increase in mortality for people who eat fast food regularly. I do know stopping eating at fast food coincided with my weight loss. I did/am doing many other things beside, but I am sure that was huge.

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