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Hey chicks!

First, belated but very sincere Happy Anniversary to Reda and her hubster Hope you had a great time, and that the weather did not alter your travel plans? Did you get socked by snow?

Sunster...i'm real sorry to hear how the stupid scale derailed you for a day or so..I am the same way. So badly in fact, that if I was wearing lets say a size lower and knew I was smaller, but if the scale showed higher, i would believe the scale and get depressed. I'm so glad you are back on track!

the pins..used to collect them at events, tried to put them on my jackets..I don't have that many but if I was wearing a tank top under my jacket, I could feel the back of the pins pricking my skin. Then I discovered those backings to prevent that, but I found them WAY too much of a PITA to put on. I guess we know we've all been places without the pins or patches I wonder if we put them on something else creatively, like handbags?

Hi Tammy! hmm..I envy the talent of your cubie-mate. hmmm....I do love my bling-y sparkly headband that Reda made me for I also like a stretchty black headband that a friend got me, that has a sparkly cute skull on it.
Agree w/Sunster that anything customized with person's biker road name would be fun. People are always giving me Cupcake-themed stuff; stickers, t shirts, panties a string of patio lights.

I have been doing terrible with eating, I think I had 2 days on track and then not. But possibly, possibly, my dh might get on board with me with South Beach...that would be awesome. Also if our older son (who lives at home ) would too, he has gained some and woud be healthier without. Wouldn't it be great to have the whole household in on it! I tried to appeal to dh by saying, 'you are such a great cook, you could fix such great meals with South Beach for us'.

Our annual Harley Raffle is this Saturday, and this is the first time in about 6 or 7 years that my dh and I are not cooking the meal for 250, thank goodness!! having it catered by Texas Roadhouse. We are supplying the cole slaw, which I bought through my work; and the dessert, which will be a maple walnut cookie; I bought two tubs of frozen cookie dough from work (like 40 pounds) and will scoop and bake them at work Friday night, using the big kitchen and convection oven, and should only take like 2 hours.

OH gosh my boss (the Rat B.) offered me ANOTHER raise, and a paid week's vacation, if I would work full time for him! I absolutey cannot. I guess I am spoiled but I have to have the summer job. If I worked for him fulltime I would not enjoy my summer at all, with the hours of 11 am to 6 pm. At the fun place, I can go in as early I want and finish by 1 pm or so and then have the afternoon/evening. Very important to me. MOney-wise, it still wouldn't be as much as the summer job.

WellI have today off and have done nothing yet We JUST took down our Christmas tree 2 days ago so I am enjoying the space in the living room again, lol.

Gonna see if I can post a pic of my press-on nails that I LOVE so much.
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