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My dad was like that - he actually said to me "when are you going to do something about your weight? You're really getting fat." Well, thanks dad, I hadn't noticed. I know he was concerned for me but his "tact factor" apparently deserted him.[/QUOTE]

Ha! Ruth Ann, my Mom came to visit for the holidays and when I picked her up at the airport she says, out loud "Wow Al, you look lost a lot of weight; last year you were FAT!" Out loud at the AIRPORT!!!!

Thanks Mom...thanks a lot.[/QUOTE]

Ali: Geesh, sounds like your mom needs a few filters! I kind of gave dad a pass on that one - parents can get away with more sometimes, especially when they are older (dad was 87 at the time). He died two years ago, but I know he'd be really proud of what I'm doing now.

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