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Originally Posted by zoerba View Post
Hello! I'm a newbie here and this is my first time on the IP plan. I am using alternatives because, in all honesty, I cannot afford going through a clinic. However, I am committed to doing this 100%! Today was day 5 and went pretty good. I'm waiting for a big shipment of alternative products to make it in, and in the meantime, have been using the pure protein bars and rtd shakes. They are actually pretty good but I'm itching for some variety. I feel, overall, good - just kind of woozy and faint. NOT lethargic or like I got hit by a truck, just.....weird. I am a fainter and can feel a fainting spell coming on and the feeling almost feels like that - but I haven't fainted. Not sure if it's due to ketosis or low calories or what. I am not really hungry, sometimes my stomach grumbles a bit around meal time, but nothing too bad. Staying hopeful that it passes soon!

Does anyone have a favorite dinner recipe that does not include using packets they'd like to share? I tired the big mac in a bowl and it is delish!

Have a great day tomorrow. I look forward to posting here and staying 100% with you all!

Have not done any packet hacking to speak of...Used pudding as a shake...if that counts!!

I made a conscious decision to change my involvement in the kitchen along with my relationship to food when beginning this lifestyle change. Also wanted recipes that I could just make that were "family-company-IP perfect" all in one effort.
Stuffed peppers is an easy recipe to adjust. Add chopped zuchinni and mushrooms for volume instead of rice
Sautee small pieces of your dinner animal protein using a little cooking spray olive oil and lemon juice and garlic powder...This works for chicken breast tenders and fish really well. Also works with pork medallions. Add sliced mushrooms and some water if needed to make a little "sauce". Serve with/on big salad! Use olive oil and lemon juice dressed salad with fresh ground black pepper.

Pork roast or turkey thighs in the crock pot...(they roast just fine)...till it falls/pulls apart. You could add barbecue sauce for the family after pulling yours out and using walden farms...if you like it..( i do not)..or just season plain meat with seasonings you like and serve over salad or cauli mash.

Brown ground meat of your choice using some 0/0/0 tabasco or hot sauce instead of tacco seasonings, (which is full of too much processed stuff and sodium)..use some red pepper flakes...garlic creative. Then top a salad with cukes, bell peppers and chopped celery with this meat and the best flavor is acheived when you add chopped pickles, both sweet no sugar added and dill low sodium...and...HOT PEPPERS!

Mustard Dressing:
(Basic- tweak the proportions + add H2Oif you need to)
2 parts any hot mustard that is (0/0/0)
1 part O Oil
1part plain wite rice vinegar
dash of Truvia/Stevia or some approved sweetener it if is blowing the roof off your palate. Some of the mustard brands are stronger than others!!
*My husband has now completely given up basalmic and red vinegar...and uses mine all the time.

*Can also be used as a dip for veggies...delish with bell peppers and celery sticks!!

Best of is really nice keeping things simple. I got real used to it, and love the found time to do new things.

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