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Tammy...i would think anything w/ our biker name on it.

Question... does anyone here display pins? like on a vest or luggage or...? I used to collect pins but now could care less because I have too many. Took a jean jacket, tore off the sleeves, bleached, frayed, distressed it, then added pins. Now it's way too heavy to wear or pack and I still don't have all the pins on!

So, I should not have weighed last friday. Been working so hard on this diet and the scale didn't move at all. That triggered....I dunno what....insanity. It involved a jr bacon chzburger @ wendys, abba zabba, two oreos, and much more I can't and don't want to remember. Anyhoo...this is my 3rd day back on programand it's a relief. Like, d*mn the scale! Not weighiing anymore but using mirror and loose clothes instead!!

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