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Seaurchins comment is along the lines of what i was thinking. I think take a look at how much your normally spend on food in a week.

Try and make do as a vegetarian buying your own food on the same amount. The thing is, you don't need to eat just vegetables. Tehre are many foods in a vegetarian diet that are cheap and go towards making a fabulous dish.

If you don't know how to cook, get some recipe books. I would suggest starting off with some mediterranean countries cookbooks e.g. french, italy, spain, also turkey. We are used to the flavours of these sorts of foods and they are never as difficult to prepare as we think they must be. many of them do not take long either.

Think about risotto. Its a rice dish, usually got two veggies in it. You can used canned peas and fresh mushrooms and an onion. A small salad on the side of just green leaves with a nice dressing, a few nuts, and you are done.

Or spaghetti with a tomato sauce using onions and mushrooms. again a green side salad. Or maybe just some chopped cucumber

In india, i was pleasantly surprised to see that with each meal, came a small plate of raw chopped vegetables. Just a bit of carrot, usually a small onion which they all love raw (but not me) and a piece of lime. Or it could be a different combination of two three raw veggies. It doesn't have to be a great wapping plate full to get some veggies into you.

If i make a cauliflower dish, i can eat it for days. Usually at least one recipe does me for four meals. So you don't need to be buying a whole shopping trolley load of vegetables. i.e. it shouldn't' bankrupt you.

And yes canned veggies are a useful addition to the food cupboard.but not all of them. I use asparagus, peas and beetroot but that's all. I would never willingly buy canned beans, carrots, potatoes, corn, etc. I don't like frozen veggies. I find them tasteless and i don't eat them. My father does alright with them though.

And its a myth that pasta rice and bread make you fat. If you analyse them they are quite low calorie foods for their bulk. But otherwise you can buy dried beans which are more nutritious and these are excellent value for money because they swell up so much when you soak them. They are also a vegetable, albeit not fresh anymore.

Buy veggies according to whats in season and best value on the day. Then go and find a recipe for it.

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