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Day 8: With Glucomannan

Total weight loss: 3.8 lb
0.2 gone overnight again. I'll take it!

Calories: 1305
I was doing so well yesterday then near bedtime I suddenly had an urge for some white bread. So I cut the crusts off and just scraped a bit of margarine on it. It's still 100 calories, but it stops the craving. I was still within my calories so I figure I can give in to the urges every now and again.

Exercise: 6.08 miles
Dog walking, bedroom C25K, school run. 14311 steps on the pedometer. I bumped the C25K up to week 2 today and extended it again for 45 minutes. So it's warm-up, then 10 intervals of 90 secs jogging and 2 mins walking, plus cool-down, instead of the usual 6. Considering I have a sedentary job and I'm sat at my desk all day when I'm working, I'm pleased by how much exercise I'm managing to get in. I have some work coming up which will take me out of the house for six weeks, but it's not desk work. So I'll still be able to walk the dog,although she'll have to make do with a shorter walk, but I doubt I'll have time for my C25K It'll be interesting to see what a difference it makes to my steps. Also I'll have to take a packed lunch instead of making a fresh salad at home.
Overall goal

"Look at these people who run marathons. What makes them different to you?...
They have the same bones and muscles as you, the same sinews and organs...
you can do anything you want to, be anything you want to.
The only thing stopping you is you!

~ Money Can't Buy Me Love, by Julie Reilly
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