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I started New Rules of Lifting for Women couple of years ago, but unfortunately injured myself whilst squatting and so I had to stop. Then I was told that perhaps the New Rules of Lifting for Abs was better, as it was aimed at strengthening the core. I started that one and injured myself deadlifting. This time it was a bit worse and I had to go see a doctor. It wasn't serious, but it did make me realize that I need to do things a bit differently.

Now, it wasn't the books' fault. It's my personality. In my mind, it was more important to add more weights and move the weights from point A to B rather than focus on my form and move in a controlled manner.

I kind of liked the books and there were couple of exercises I really liked and doing the supersets was really effective. I just don't think I'll go back to doing them and have now moved onto Bret Contreras' books. But that's just me, and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the workouts! Just don't be like me and keep it safe :-) Oh, and there are a lot of videos and animations on the web on how to perform each exercise, in case the illustrations in the book aren't enough. No need to be scared of the free weights.
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