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Hello! I'm a newbie here and this is my first time on the IP plan. I am using alternatives because, in all honesty, I cannot afford going through a clinic. However, I am committed to doing this 100%! Today was day 5 and went pretty good. I'm waiting for a big shipment of alternative products to make it in, and in the meantime, have been using the pure protein bars and rtd shakes. They are actually pretty good but I'm itching for some variety. I feel, overall, good - just kind of woozy and faint. NOT lethargic or like I got hit by a truck, just.....weird. I am a fainter and can feel a fainting spell coming on and the feeling almost feels like that - but I haven't fainted. Not sure if it's due to ketosis or low calories or what. I am not really hungry, sometimes my stomach grumbles a bit around meal time, but nothing too bad. Staying hopeful that it passes soon!

Does anyone have a favorite dinner recipe that does not include using packets they'd like to share? I tired the big mac in a bowl and it is delish!

Have a great day tomorrow. I look forward to posting here and staying 100% with you all!
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