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Hi turtles!
Happy New Year. We can do this.

Okay, Life------remember to eat! So glad you have joined a gym. That will help along with how busy and active you are at work. You're doing great.
Keep up the good work-- You are really knocking off the pounds.
Weigh to go.

Shay, good to see you and hanging in there is a good place to be. We're through some pretty tough weeks-------most would say the toughest of the year, so we are all ready to tackle our weight again.

I had my WI today and stayed exactly the same. I am so pleased. I had knocked off some weight by being very careful. Then I had two weeks without meetings. I gained some during the holidays, but I also worked hard to get it off and that's a good thing. My goal this week is to lose another pound. Anyone up for a challenge? I'll set one up if you'd like to let me know how you'd like it to run.

: the simple start program looks interesting. If what I'm doing stops working, I will definitely give it a try.
It looks like a bit more bread/starch than I can handle, but I'll see how my buddies at WW's make out. Have a great day. Onward and downward.

234.6/195/180's and thinner
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