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Hi there Michlove, that is good no weight gain, I am glad for you and down a pound that is excellent. I know how you feel about the magical 200, don't worry, it will happen. And yeah, you are right about emotional eating and binges but most of all denial...for me it was really really difficult getting over denial. And I am still not over it. Noooooooooooo!!! *covers ears and closes eyes*

Sandy may I ask what kind of green tea you like to drink? I am just wondering about the properties, I heard it is really good for you, but I am vague about that so will have to read up on it.

Do either of you do any cooking or baking? I think you don't do weekends, Sandy?

As for my weight, well I have fallen into a habit again of checking it every morning. How not to do that, I wonder? I was down a bit at 194.8 I think and was pleased but also I know there are risks to losing weight too fast. I have to look them up specifically. But if I average it out it only comes to 1.5 lbs a week and that is acceptable. There are going to be plateaus, like that really long one I had, that almost 3 week long plateau. Anyhow, going to try not to weigh tomorrow.

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