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Originally Posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
What surprised me most is that he brought his cholesterol down.
This really isn't such a mystery, because he had his students choose the menu to match FDA guidelines.

He stresses that he did eat burgers, not just salads, but you can't forget that he didn't just randomly pick from the menu to get his 2,000 calories.

He didn't even have to do the work of balancing his diet or counting his calories for himself - he had his students doing this work for him.

What does this really prove? That if you have a team of people planning your meals for you, you can lose weight and perhaps even eat reasonably healthfully (at least in the context of 90 days)?

How many people eating at McDonald's have the skills to do what these students were doing for this teacher? Of those who have the skills, how many have the time?

And if you have the skills and time, why wouldn't you put those resources to better, cheaper, tastier use?

Who couldn't lose weight with a classroom of students putting together all your meals, where the only work you have to do is show up to eat.

If the teacher was single, he wouldn't even have to keep any food in his house during the 90 days (and I would wonder if he did).
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