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I find this intriguing (as well as unappetizing!)

I still go thru the drive-thru at McDonald's for my children sometimes. On rare occasions I will order a grilled chicken chipotle snack wrap or the Sweet Chile grilled Chicken premium McWrap. For kids there are choices that can be made to make it reasonable... sliced apples instead of fries, yoghurt, grilled snack wrap without condiments, some sort of okayish options in breakfast - nothing earth shattering. I'm impressed he was able to stay under 2k calories a day there! Perhaps this amount of calories was far less than what he was previously consuming. Perhaps McDonald's food chosen more carefully for calories and nutrition was legit a more healthy way of eating than what he was previously eating - what a thought! 45 minutes a day of walking/exercise is quite laudable, though. This guy is way ahead of me in that regard; kudos!

I consider myself a (former) junk food lover and I can't even imagine being forced to eat a Value Meal every day, lawd, gross. Even though I still crave fries or a burger every now and then, honestly, the fried grease smell wafting from the drive thru window is one seriously unappetizing odor. Good for this fellow, but, wow, I couldn't even imagine going to McDonald's every day for however long he did. I think I would get seriously depressed, lol.

@kaplods, fast food "cage" oh man, can I just say that it is still super hard for me to say, "No" to foods and treats when I'm hauling my kids around. They are active, slim, and eat totally fine, but they still have a dairy queen treat, for example, every now and then. I have to like walk in, order 3 Blizzards, get nothing for myself, and walk out. Sometimes I order a large Diet Coke to be a rebel. They passed out coupons for free Pizza Hut Personal Pan pizzas to students who reached reading goals for the month at school. I had the pleasure of picking that up last week (nothing for myself, again, lol.)

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