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Originally Posted by vix View Post
Well done shr1nk1ngme! So what do you eat on your up days? Is it anything goes or does it still have to be healthy?
No, I am very particular about my UpDays because I have to make sure my nutrition is excellent so I can sustain myself healthily on my fasting days. So everything is weighed, measured, and entered into FitDay to make sure I am getting 100% RDA/DV of every nutrient. I firmly believe in low-carb, so I strive for a ketogenic diet. My calories are roughly 47% fat, 43% protein, and 10% carbs.

Here's a typical UpDay:

Vitamins, minerals, & supplements
2 cups coffee with soy milk

Hard boiled egg
Flaxseed One Minute Muffin topped with 2 tbsp sour cream and a sprinkle of truvia, pumpkin pie spice
GG's Scandinavian crispbread
1 oz Monterey jack cheese

Morningstar Griller's Prime burger topped with vegenaise &
1 cup of alfalfa sprouts
Brussels sprouts with 1 oz melted Monterey jack cheese
GG's Scandinavian crispbread with 1 oz cream cheese
Vegetable broth with sliced celery

3/4 cup (huge) Egg beaters omelette with spinach
Broccoli with 1 oz melted Monterey jack cheese
Vegetable broth with sliced celery

2 homemade low-carb chocolate chip cookies (to DIE for)

Snacks (as needed, but I usually save them all for nighttime because that's when I'm most hungry)
Brazil nuts
Sugar-free jell-o
Celery sticks with 1 oz cream cheese
Vegetable broth

Edit: Last night I ran out of time so I couldn't get all my nuts eaten before bed ( I buy nuts-in-the-shell and crack them one at a time to slow myself down). But I know that under-eating calories on an UpDay slows down weight loss. So yes, I knew I had to eat MORE calories, and fast. So I ate two more low-carb cookies. It felt so decadent! I love JUDDD. On how many diets are you concerned that you aren't eating enough calories, and as a result have to force down more cookies? lol

185/131/120 ~ 5'2"

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