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Well done shr1nk1ngme! So what do you eat on your up days? Is it anything goes or does it still have to be healthy?

I've never tried to cut out carbs, in fact I have a baked potato for lunch almost every day now I'm trying to eat healthier. Some people say they're bad but I've read they're full of resistant starch plus I combine it with olive oil and oily fish so apparently that makes them lower GI...I don't know if any of this is true but I definitely have less hunger in the afternoon and I'm able to stick to my 1200 a day and lose weight so it seems to be working for me - that's the main thing right?!

See you Friday for my weigh-in!!
Eating clean and training dirty!

11/15/13 - started phen caps
12/20/13 - down 10lbs
1/31/14 - down 20lbs
4/24/14 - down 30lbs
7/3/14 - made original goal of 135
9/19/14 - reached adjusted goal and began maintenance!!!

I MADE IT!!!! :

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