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Good morning everyone-
Wow it has warmed up here in Illinois it is -1F this morning so much better than -20F that was not factoring the wind chill factor.
Thank you everyone for the support it help me make it thru the day with out diving into my teenage daughter huge box of Chocolates that she got from her BF. Every time I walked by it is was calling my name.
This morning I told her I was putting it in the basement frig out of my sight.
I have never in my life seen such a big box of chocolate it is the size of a half sheet cake. That should me against the law! Cuz it could do some serious damage to my resolve! Bigger is not always better unless you want your girlfriend and family to pack on the pounds!
Note to boyfriend don't give gifts of food to women!!! Say it with jewelry !
Even though I was housebound d/t weather I stayed OP! Thank goodness....
It was a hour by hour thing, looked at the clock it said 1155 and I thought.... I made it thru the day.
For me Rebooting has been harder then before ,and I think for me with it being Winter and I cook much more and am inside it is harder to get started.
Does anyone else find it harder to start a diet or adhere to it in winter versus warmer weather?
This is a time when Crockpot and Savory dishes are made.
When family comes home I want something warm and stick to your ribs ready for them.
We cook much more in colder weather and grill more and eat lighter in summer.
Even the Candles we use are like Warm Cookie,Pumpkin and in summer it is more flowers.
I feel once I hit my rhythm it will be easier to stay on course.... Praying for my resolve to return soon.....please Old Roo2 hurry and comeback I need you so!!
I. Just need to reconnect with that part of me,
Have a great day and may we all make it thru the day Safe and OP,

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