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Here is a link for a new free book and videos.
I am going to check it out.

I am back from warm SF and into the cold. I am trying not to worry about my son in Chicago getting frostbite.

Joysh: Those breakfasts are hard to give up. Those are the first things that I cut back on when I am losing up pounds. You are wise to tackle those pounds now.

Ishbel: You pregnancy is going so well. You are staying health and happy! I have made tanguine without the pot. I would like one of those pots. Your brussel sprouts sound yummy and very French with cooling them in water.

Kkids: You have a busy lunch with those K kids. They are adorable but very active. I hope your son arrived Ok with that late night.

Deelee: I exercise almost daily and lift weights. My weight did go up a few pounds when I started lifting weights. After a year my arms and legs really toned up. I hope you find some clothes that you like for that cruise. It is frustrating that the fashion industry does not provide better options.

Lizzy63: I wish you well in that arctic cold in IL. Thank goodness it is warming to 5 degrees today.
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