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Originally Posted by coffeebean View Post
I started in January 2010 and lost 30 pounds. I changed the way I ate after losing the weight. I never started eating pasta, potatoes and rice again on a regular basis except one in awhile. I managed to stay pretty close to goal weight by starting phase 1 when I thought I needed it. For some reason since about 4 th of July I managed to eat more junk. I am back and motivated to get back to my 30 pounds.
Originally Posted by karenfromtexas View Post
I'm back, too. Glad to "see" you! I lost about 30 pounds in 2011 and maintained well for about 3 months when my Mom died. I gained about 15 back and lost that in 2013 then started regaining when I started my new job last April. So, here I am back to lose the 24 pounds I gained and to finally get my body fat % to 30.

Good luck!

Ladies, great to see you! I agree…I was so focused the first year of maintenance and even the second, but this third year of maintenance has been the hardest…I allowed myself to stray too far. In September I was up 32 of the 75 I had lost. I am currently up 15 of the 75 I lost. I am really hoping that 5 perfect weeks takes off those 15…I have a cruise in the middle of February. Hoping right back on after the cruise.

: each 5 gone!
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