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Day 7: With Glucomannan

Total weight loss: 3.6 lb
0.2 gone overnight. Yay - not a lot but at least it's moving.

Calories: 1254
It's quite odd - I still have the urge to snack, usually when I'm bored. But when I listen to my stomach it's not telling me I'm hungry. I feel comfortably full, not stuffed full pretty much all the time. I work from home and I'm at my computer a lot so it's too easy to want to snack. But I bought some little sugar free breath mints and I have one when I think about eating something. I guess I just need to keep busy then I won't think about snacking.

Exercise: 6.15 miles
Dog walking, bedroom C25K. Not sure where the rest came from. The girls are back at school so maybe the walk from the car park to school, and back again twice a day has bumped it up. It is a fair way from the car park to the school - about a five minute walk, so multiply that by 4 and you've probably got another mile so that's about right. Pedometer says 14,478 steps, best yet again.

Week 1
Weight lost - 3.6 lb
Average daily calories: 1294
Average daily miles: 5
Overall goal

"Look at these people who run marathons. What makes them different to you?...
They have the same bones and muscles as you, the same sinews and organs...
you can do anything you want to, be anything you want to.
The only thing stopping you is you!

~ Money Can't Buy Me Love, by Julie Reilly
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