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One of those days... Tuesdays are our meeting days at work, so basically, until 1:30, I was in one meeting or the other.

Then I had to run home to deal with water issues. DH is still in Europe, and with the abnormally cold temps here (yes, I know it is worse in the north, but we aren't set up for what we have), sometime between when I got my shower this morning and when daughter got up to get hers, something froze. We think it was actually down in the well. Anyway, she turned it off & went to school without a shower. I came home and got on Skype with him, and turned everything back on, and it is ok. So we have water!

My day wasn't done though, because I had an eye dr appointment. I was supposed to go there from work, as it is on the way home (and pretty close to the office). So, I had to drive basically almost the whole way back to work for this. Not my regular appointment, I have been having some problems seeing the computer monitors, and was concerned. I have early stage macular degeneration, and was worried about that. All those tests turned out ok, and I'm not due for my actual refraction test until the end of April. He thinks that it is likely that the prescription has changed faster than I'd expect because it typically does in the late 40s, and then slows back down in the early 50s. WONDERFUL... (NOT!). Oh well, at least I don't have to worry that it is anything more serious.

So, I could have had a much worse day, as we could be here with no water and I could have something more serious going on with my eyes. DH & older DD will be home finally on Saturday, and she leaves Sunday to go back to college. Tuition, room & board & books for the semester are already paid for, so she's good to go.

Hope everyone else is doing fine.
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