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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

Height: 165cm/5' 4.5"


For measuring food, i find the easiest measurement to use most of the time is a cup, tbsp and i try to do most of food that way. Not the veggies as such other stuff. Something you only have to do once in order to know what's what.

What's the drink. The salad looks nice. And theres lots of fruit. Vegies and fruits are bulky. I think this is a good meal.

Have you figured out how many calories you need to eat just to main your original starting weight? How does that compare with how many calories you are eating daily. Have you factored in exercise. Don't forget you set up some info when you started out but it is also possible that you are underestimating your food quantities.

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