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The only way I could lose weight eating fast food every day, would be from inside a cage.

Most fast food ramps up my hunger to the point that limiting myself to fewer than 2,000 calories would be miserable at best and impossible at worst.

I envy people who have the willpower to stick to their calore budget no matter what they eat, but I'm not one of them. High carb foods, especially the salt/fat/carb combo Kessler talks about in his book, The End of Overeating, scramble my willpower.

I find it easier to avoid fast food and other trigger foods than to eat them and then try to fight the insane hunger and craving rebound that is inevitable.

Even so, I never once doubted that I could and would lose weight on 1200 calories of McDonalds. The miracle, though would be in sticking to the 1200 calories wothout being caged or muzzled

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