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Having proclaimed that "this is just what I do" yesterday turned out to be a day in which being 100%OP was something I just DIDN'T DO. Got distracted in the morning so didn't do all my health tasks and only realised at half 5, but which time I just said "too bad" and accepted that my streak would go to 0. There was certainly time to get it done, so I recognise this was a choice I made and am accepting that imperfection.

What I am pleased about though is that a) I didn't use my decision to let the streak go as an excuse to go crazy and really blow it - in fact although I also forgot to track my food I am pretty confident it owuld have been within maintenance calories for the day, and possibly even within my weightloss limit. And b) as I made the decision to let the streak go back to 0 I also decided, almost effortlessly that I would be back on track today - and I am so. So thank you Beck for these skills. Credit to me for getting back on track and for limiting my off plan behaviour!

Before I forget - team total is now 125!

Did a bunch of thinking this morning about why I 'forgot' yesterday and I think there were a couple of factors: 1. I am really begrudging having to do work while I am on holidays. As work goes it is definitely at the funner end of the spectrum but I really like to keep the boundary clear when I am on leave. So I think that has gotten me into a bit of a "no fair" headspace. 2. I have been being slack about bedtime and took it to a whole new level the last 2 nights by staying up playing with a funky new app on my iPad until 1am and 3am. I keep making a vow to leave the iPad in the loungeroom when I go to bed. Perhaps as I restart my streak I should make that an essential component of 100% OP. Proper rest is SOOOO crucial to my wellbeing and when I am back at work I won't have time to recover from staying up late. Hmm - it has been useful to talk this through.

AZTricia Welcome! I hope that you will find that this board gives you the support space you have been trying to find for the last year. I find it incredibly helpful having people at some different stages telling their experiecnes. It is inspiring to be reminded of the essentials by people who are just starting - and at the same time so reassuring and empowering to see people reaching their goals, overcoming challenges and also to have a number of people on the forum who are in maintenance. It is SOOO helpful to know that people get there, and stay there even with hiccups along the way.

Moebug - I so hear you on the eating without distraction is boring. I have to confess I rarely do it as I find it excruicating! Though having said that maybe I will revert to it for my morning coffee. I did find it quite lovely to stop and really taste it and enjoy the warmth. And I think it was a good way to centre me in myself at the beginning of a day. Thanks for the inspiration

Maryann - congrats on the Susie Homemaker award! I am also enjoying the discovery that I can do stuff for free - though I think my home improvements lack the aesthetic of yours. I claim a genetic predisposition to privileging function over form as my excuse!

National Parker - what a great solution to include your DH in dinner planning - great to see you thinking that through here

Lulu - lovely to see your cheerful face and posts back amongst us

Pam - how wise you are to be reality checking whether your year of service is overloading you - you can't help others if you aren't helping yourself hey?
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